Welcome to Fast Boiii!

You want to be the best, like no one before you? Become the fastest one!

Here's how it works

You have to fly 3 rounds in Velocidrone without DLCs in Nemesis mode. One map is active per week, and the fastest overall time after the week has ended counts for the leaderboard. Once the cup is over the achieved points of every track are summed up. The racer with the most points wins.

Map selection

Every participating racer can propose a map. Custom maps or copies of already existing maps are allowed. Important: maps have to be flyable and the performance shouldn't be too bad.

  • Excessive use of particle emitters is not allowed
  • Excessive use of decorative items in not allowed
  • Race duration should be ~150 seconds. (total sum of 3 laps)


Maximum points a participating racer can achieve is equal to the count of participating racers. Example: P1 = 5 points, P2 = 4 points, P5 = 1 point for a total count of 5 racers.


Ingame name = discord name

Map download

  1. Track Editor
  2. Download Track
  3. Track Name...
  4. Search
  5. Download
  6. Main menu
  7. Nemesis Mode
  8. Search for the downloaded track

Map creation

Map name usually starts with the cup name and has an increasing counter postfix. Example: PropCrusher2022_01

  1. Track Editor
  2. Download Track
  3. Track Name...
  4. Download
  5. Track Editor
  6. Edit
  7. Change the map a bit, e.g. delete something or add something
  8. Save
  9. Track Editor
  10. Rename
  11. Upload
  12. Any Class
  13. Submit